The Governing Body

Format of the Governing Body

The Governing Body is made up of several different categories of Governors.  The different categories of Governors on our Governing Body are:

  • parent governors who have a child in school at the time of their election, and are elected by the parents with children at the school
  • staff governors who are members of staff at the school and are elected by their colleagues
  • co-opted governors are appointed on to the governing body by the other members because they come from a specialist group, such as the business community or because they possess a particular skill which can contribute to the effective governance and success of the school
  • local authority(LA) governors who are nominated by the local councillor and appointed by the governing body
  • the Headteacher is a member of the governing body by right of the position they hold in the school
  • associate members are not actually governors but can be appointed to serve on committees. They do not have the right to vote at meetings of the full governing body but may been given voting rights on the committees that they are a member of, but these rights can only be given by the governing body
  • Some governors have additional responsibilities – Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs & Health & Safety

All Governors, except Associate Governors, attend the meetings of the Full Governing Body (FGB) & are allocated to several different committees; each committee monitors the progress of each of the 3 schools against the School Improvement Plan and also has its own individual remit.

Both the FGB and the committees meet every half term, with the committees meeting first and then feeding back into the meetings of the FGB (see Meeting Dates for details). 

The different committees our governing body has are:

  • Teaching, Learning & Assessment

The aim of this committee is to oversee progress by monitoring the effectiveness of the teaching, planning and assessment.  It looks at a wide variety of areas including homework & educational visits.  The committee also monitors exam and assessment information.  It receives input from Ian Johnson (Headteacher), Kate Bainbridge (Deputy Headteacher) and Sally Timmons, Deputy Headteacher.

  • Outcomes for Students

The aim of this committee is to monitor the progress of the students in all 3 schools, it does this by looking at information received when the teachers undertake their regular assessments of the students.  It particularly focusses on children with additional needs and those who are not progressing as well as they are expected to do so.  It receives input from Sally Timmons (Deputy Headteacher).

  • Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

The aim of this committee is to assess the effectiveness of the support provided to students within the 3 schools; it also looks at the implementation of the various policies relating to behaviour & safeguarding and reviews whether they are being beneficial to the students.  It receives input from Ian Johnson, Sally Timmons and Kate Bainbridge.

  • Finance

This committee oversees each school’s financial affairs.  Supported by Ian Johnson, it also discusses some strategic aspects of our Federation’s development.

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