Alston Primary School, Church Road, Alston, Cumbria, CA9 3QU

Tel: 01434 381213


Welcome to Alston Primary School

Co-located with Samuel King’s School on the Church Road site in Alston, the School has strong community links and is very much a central part of life in the area. We host monthly ‘Community Breakfasts’ and also have strong links to the local Church. Our active PTA organises any number of activities and events for the children – both in and out of school.

We have three classes, each with 25-27 children in them: Park Fell for Reception and Year 1; Middle Fell for Years 2, 3 and some of Year 4; and Flinty Fell for the rest of Year 4, and Years 5&6.

The site is a busy one with the Alston Pre School located in the building as well as Children’s Centre activities overseen by Barnardos. We believe that the presence of these two organisations really strengthens what we can offer to our families and the wider community.