Snow Days

We do get our fair share of bad weather up here in the North Pennines but do all we can not to close.  If things are looking a bit dodgy at 6.00am, we will go into Snow Day mode.  This means that the start of the student day is put back to 10.00am to allow people more time for travelling.  Remember that a number of our teachers come up from the Eden Valley or across Whitfield Fell.

Parents are contacted by ParentMail.  Information also goes out on the Website.

If conditions are looking grim by late morning we bring the end of the school day forward to 2.30pm, again to ease travelling for those with longer journeys.

Our aim is to continue to give the children some sort of school day.  Remember, if a 10.00am – 2.30pm day causes difficulties in terms of child care, we are happy for children to arrive and depart at the normal times.  While there might not be much teaching going on, we will have enough people on site to look after them and to keep them occupied.